why do you list some books as exclusive to your site?

We love making books, but we are too small to produce the amount of titles for the trade we want to in a year. One way we work around our financial limitations is by offering limited editions exclusively from us to you. By only selling direct, we cut out all the middlemen, which allows us to keep the prices on these collectible editions low.

WHY DO You charge for a pre-order when I place the order?Amazon doesn’t charge until the book ships.

Pre-order sales on our site help us pay for the production costs. The funds from your early order immediately go into paying for the production of the book you are buying. This is really an outstanding way that you can support us as an indie publisher. We have no outside financial support. Your early support, and patience, is what keeps us going.

How much is shipping?

Orders of any size ship for $5 flat-rate in the US (international is $15).